[Wake up to live and die creating]

Aura Merz: Articulator of worlds

I was born in Chile,
nestled in the knots of the earth,
bathed by the cerulean metal of the ocean.

Since I was a child
I wanted to fly,
and to achieve it,
I had to crawl
through the shadowy
and narrow
tunnels of the soul;
fade away, to originate myself;
fragment, to build myself.

I use art as an expressive language,
as a duty of my existence.
My talent emanates from the desire,
from the unbreakable desire to fly.

[I want to soak up worlds,
of new winds,
so that my wings may sprout]



Welcome to AURA by Aura Merz!

In my online store, you’ll find unique collections of clothing and accessories, featuring prints of my paintings, photographs, and poems. Imagine strolling through the streets carrying with you an exhibition open to all; that’s AURA, Art in Motion.


My brand is defined by celebrating beauty through a universe of colors. My works are mirrors that seek to awaken your true essence, inviting you to embrace courageously and authentically who you are at the deepest level of your being. In the intimate sanctuary of each of my creations, the sacred fire of existence ignites, urging you to reflect, to find meaning, and transcendence in every step you take.


I invite you to explore my collections and discover beautiful pieces that will nourish your soul.


Thank you for your support!

Aura Merz